Being Young Is Shite.

It has emerged that youth unemployment has risen to it’s highest levels since 1992. Officially 20.5% young people are unemployed in the UK as a whole. That’s just over 1 in 5 of us! Not only is this statistic worrying for young people it is the blunt, grotesque truth that young socialists have known for [...]

Tories continue to roll about in Money like Scrooge McDuck

Now that the Tories have got past their honeymoon period in government – if they ever actually had it – they’ve decided to get down to the important work of being totally despicable, nakedly evil bastards. Last week they announced plans to replace trade union and labour holiday Mayday with “Trafalgar Day”. SSY has heard [...]

Bill Aitken – sexist shitebag.

If you’re a Tory, you’re pretty much already a contemptible little prick. If you’re a Scottish Tory, then you’re up there with Bond villains – you’ve basically chosen to become something EVERYONE AROUND YOU DESPISES. That might explain why Bill Aitken made comments earlier, that a woman who was raped might have been a prostitute. [...]

Muslim Women Must Write Themselves: women and the multiculturalism debate

There’s an irony in the above title: I’m not a Muslim woman. I’m white, Western, and the lucky inheritor of an (ongoing) women’s movement. I’m also fully aware of the implications of claiming to speak ‘for’ this group, or any group of under-privileged individuals, from a such removed standpoint. But that’s the point: no one [...]

New Research: Tories Have More "Primitive" Brains

Are Dave’s crap politics due to his primitive brain? It sounds like a reverse case of Social Darwinism, but this recent study at University College London has produced findings which have seriously pissed off right-wingers. The research, which scanned the brains of students of different political persuasions at UCL found a striking and surprising correlation: that people who affiliate themselves with Tory [...]

Mad VATter's Ski Party

The Coalition Government’s austerity programme gets into full-swing today with an approx. 15 percent rise in VAT in possibly the most brazen and direct attack on living standards yet put into practice. One of the headline announcements of last June’s emergency budget, it will see the cost of nearly all goods rise by 2.5 percentage points [...]

Tory councillor first martyr of "feminist war against men".

James Williams, Conservative City Councillor in Portsmouth, has vowed that he will not undertake any work for his party until they repeal new anti-domestic violence measures. The new orders – which were designed by the last Labour government, but are now being piloted in three areas of the UK – give senior police officers on-the-spot [...]

"You said we could stop them Sergeant! Can we fuck!"

SSY apologises for the sweary word in the title, but the above quote was taken from a panicky (hard to say which one tbh) Polis at the demo against tuition fees today arguing wi fellow officers over who was responsible for the titanic fuck up that was the vague attempt at maintaining control over streets [...]

Bigmouth Strikes Again

It’s not uncommon for political leaders to use their musical preferences to try and engage with the public; in fact it’s practically become a tradition. Tony Blair told us he was an Oasis fan, Gordon Brown (despite later not being able to recall a song of theirs) thought the Arctic Monkeys ‘really wake you up [...]

Tory prick outshone by dancing Santas

Tory MP Rory Stewart is an Eton-educated, son of a diplomat, ex-Army officer, professor who tutored Princes William and Harry and a Grade A ARSEHOLE. When first elected, he said: It was a bit of a surprise when I became a Tory MP. My friends said it was a stupid idea. Some areas around here [...]