The "Iranian terror plot" and the Mexican drug war.

The US government has foiled a terrorist plot involving Iran, Mexican drug cartels, Cuba, Hezbollah, and Osama Bin Laden’s reanimated corpse. Ok, ok they’re actually only claiming the first two.  In news that will bring joy to 24 season writers and Tea Party members, the United States Department of Justice has allegedly exposed an Iranian terrorist [...]

Here's a bunch of awful things we're totally going to ACTUALLY do

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING POST CONTAINS MENACING ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS Paul Chambers is a man who has suffered one of the worst reactions to a joke of all time. Back in January, sitting cold in South Yorkshire’s Robin Hood airport (no, it’s not a joke, it really is called that), he was frustrated that his flight had [...]

America to the Rescue!

Why is the Lockerbie bomber still alive? This week Senator Robert Menendez, Chair of the Congressional Inquiry into why someone (or indeed everyone) isn’t dead yet announced plans to send a team of yankee investigators to Scotland.   This we can understand as it clear that protocol has been breached on this matter.  When someone in [...]

Fuck Mini Babybels!

Chris Morris, the comedy genius behind shows like Brass Eye and The Day Today, has turned to the cinema with the release of his first feature film, ‘Four Lions.’ But he’s moved on from attacking ridiculous “news” programmes or hypocritical celebrities. For the last four years Morris has been engaged in a huge programme of [...]

Beware the breasts of death!

Ah, newspapers. We’ve already commented on their tendency to jump on (or in fact create) a headless chicken bandwagon in order to sell papers keep the public informed (for an excellent article on this subject, check out Charlie Brooker) and lately, a story came along that was, in many ways, harder for them to resist [...]

Security Services on hunt for "clean-skin" women

If you were in  a city centre or on the train over the weekend you might have noticed a much larger police presence than usual. This follows the Home Office announcing the latest bout of the “don’t-be-worried-but-we-should-all-be-scared-shitless-game” with the raising of the government’s terror threat level from “substantial” to “severe”, meaning the government apparently believes [...]

Megrahi – Lockerbie's scapegoat.

SNP Justice Minister Kenny MacKaskill’s decision to free convicted Lockerbie bomber Al Megrahi on the grounds of compassionate release has unleashed a tornado of criticism upon both himself and the devolved administration. He has been attacked by virtually all other opposition parties, tabloid newspapers, and even the current director of the FBI Robert Mueller who [...]