ETA declare permanent ceasefire – time for Spain to free the Basque country.

Amidst the worldwide media coverage of Gaddafi’s death, a historic development in another conflict went largely unnoticed – after over 40 years of a military campaign against the Spanish state, the Basque armed group ETA announced a permanent end to it’s use of violence in the struggle for an independent and socialist Basque state. This [...]

Raising awareness of Spain's brutality

3-2. Another game, another glorious failure for Scotland’s national football team. Losing bravely seems to be what we do best. Well, some of the time at least. The less said about the recent dismal defeat in Prague, the better. Of course there is no shame in losing by such a narrow margin to the reigning [...]

Millions of Europeans on strike and in the streets

You might not have noticed yesterday, what with the UK news much more concerned about what high paid cushy job David Miliband will be getting next, but across Europe millions of people were on strike and in the streets to protest the austerity policies of the EU governments. Just like the ConDem government here, governments [...]

Catalans march against Spanish State ruling

Below we feature a guest post by Meritxell Ramírez Ollé, a student at the University of Edinburgh, co-creator of a new online local newspaper (Vacarisses Digital) in her hometown of Vacarisses, Catalonia, and a supporter of Catalan independence. On Saturday, over a million people marched through the streets of the Catalan capital of Barcelona, led [...]

General strikes all across Europe: Why not here?

Yesterday there were general strikes in Greece and the Basque Country. Last week workers in France and Italy walked out as well. Across Europe the working class is waking up to the threat posed by the attacks of European governments, but in the UK the response has still been quite muted. SSY has been involved [...]