Religious freedom? Or women's oppression?

We’ve all heard the horror stories from the US about women being turned away when trying to access contraception because their mental religious doctors or pharmacists have taken it upon themselves to decide what women should or shouldn’t do with their own bodies. But did you know the same thing happens here? Not only do [...]

US healthcare reform: Polishing a turd

Against the odds, President Obama was last night able to get his healthcare reforms through Congress. Obama-fans everywhere are ecstatic, declaring a fantastic victory. And let’s not be a total wet blanket. Around 30 million Americans with no health insurance will now get some, although unless you’re very poor or very old you’ll be forced [...]

Ever feel like you've been cheated? #1: Obama and healthcare

Remember when the whole world seemed to feel the same way as Randy Marsh? It’s only just over a year since the US exploded with excitement at the idea that Barack Obama’s election meant that real change was coming to America. But what has actually happened? Obama has been the latest of a series of [...]

Breaking News – Biggest Threat To Your Health Is…The Daily Mail

Remember 1998? It was the year of Titanic, it was the year Google was founded and it was the year George Michael was found doing naughty things in a toilet. It was also the year in which The Lancet, one of the world’s most respected medical journals, published an article that seemed to show a [...]

Lies and the lying liars who tell them

These people used to control the United States’ nuclear weapons. From our American correspondent, Andrew Weir. So. Healthcare, eh? Since I got to the US, I’ve been trying very hard not to be “that Brit” (and “that commie Brit” come to that), who goes around saying “Well, with the National Health Service, things work much [...]

Stephen Hawking: an Obituary.

Stephen Hawking, 1942 – 2009 It’s with sadness that Leftfield has learned of eminent scientist Stephen Hawkings death. Hawking, who had become famous for writing A Brief History of Time and popularising physics for a new generation, was executed by the NHS half an hour ago. Health officials say his ongoing health difficulties made him [...]