The Trotsky

Released in 2009, award-winning Canadian film The Trotsky has so many elements of being a typical North American indie high school comedy. An array of awkward, middle class suburban teenagers  – check. Geeky male protagonist with crush on an older woman – check. Family arguments over the dinner table – check. Constant feuds with authority, [...]

Welcome to Warner Bros. presents The Shire, formerly known as New Zealand

In an absolutely astonishing move, the government of Aotearoa/New Zealand has decided to rush through emergency anti-trade union laws in order to appease the Warner Brothers movie studio, and keep the filming of ‘The Hobbit’ in New Zealand. In the words of opposition politicians, the country has been reduced to the “client state” of an [...]

Peter Jackson is an anti-union dragon hoarding the worker's treasure

A small band of heroes have set out on a quest to get back what they’re owed from a dragon who just wants to hoard their treasure all for himself. Sounds like it could potentially make a good movie, but it emerged today the big story of the (maybe) upcoming films of The Hobbit isn’t [...]


In honour of our 300th blog post, Leftfield brings you the EPIC SAGA of Scotland’s long-standing resistance to the Tory hordes of England: When SSY members were born, like all Scots they were inspected. If they showed any sympathy for the Tories, they would have been discarded. By the time they could stand, they were [...]

Fuck Mini Babybels!

Chris Morris, the comedy genius behind shows like Brass Eye and The Day Today, has turned to the cinema with the release of his first feature film, ‘Four Lions.’ But he’s moved on from attacking ridiculous “news” programmes or hypocritical celebrities. For the last four years Morris has been engaged in a huge programme of [...]

No Mr Bond, I expect you to suffer the adverse circumstances of the credit crunch.

“The names Bond, James Bond. I’ll have a martini, sha – fucks sake, how much? Er, actually Tiffany Broadchest, how does Wetherspoons sound?” – unfortunately nobody is immune from the international recession, not even Britain’s most famous international secret agent 007; the new Bond movie has been indefinitely suspended, due to MGM’s inability to pay [...]

Capitalism: A Love Story

On Sunday I went to see the Glasgow Film Festival’s showing of Michael Moore’s new film ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’. Although out in the US since last September the film won’t go on general release in the UK till Friday. I’m not sure about other cinemas across Scotland but it will definitely be showing for [...]

"Daybreakers" is a crossbow to the heart of "Twilight's" sparkly crap

Popular culture has taken a peculiar twist in the past couple of years, one that is psychologically revealing about the times we live in. The apocalypse rules at the cinema, with recent top films including ‘The Book of Eli,’ ’2012′ and ‘The Road.’ And there’s been a huge resurgence of vampires and zombies, most famously [...]

Harry Potter caught experimenting with magical herbs…

The Daily Mirror have continued in their fine tradition of providing us with important information about celebrities as a public service. This time, they’ve broken the news that Daniel Radcliffe, who plays teen wizard Harry Potter in some famous films, might have been caught smoking a joint. According to other party-goers, he was staggering around [...]

District 9 review

District 9 is a film I have been excited about for months now. South African director Neill Blomkamp and producer Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings fame) have made a tale of an alien ship that becomes stranded hovering over a near future Johannesburg. The main part of the film takes place 20 years [...]