Finally, someone in Downing Street we can actually respect…

Move over Cleggy and Cameron, there’s a new leader living at Number 10 – a rat! Seen in the two news reports below, the cheeky rodent has been spotted running back and forth across the doorstep multiple times – paying no heed to the journalists or police present, but getting on with the job of [...]

Merry Christmas from SSY.

UKIP leader: standing down to make way for someone less shite

Lord Pearson of Rannoch, a man who talks like he’s a character in Jeeves and Wooster stories, has stood down as leader of UKIP. The main reason he’s given for doing this is his own raging poshboy incompetence. The aristocratic Pearson, a would-be even-more-crap Oswald Mosley, took over from fellow toff Nigel Farrage last year. [...]

EXCLUSIVE: Paul the Psychic Octopus predicts the fate of humanity

In the world of psychic powers, few tests come bigger than predicting the fate of humanity itself. With Paul the Psychic Octopus making headlines around the world right now for his incredible ability to correctly predict the winner in all of Germany’s World Cup games so far, SSY got in touch with Paul for what [...]


When two babies were bitten in their house by a fox the other day, I wondered why the media were going so absolutely baws oot crazy about it, and made a quiet wee joke to myself that foxes were going to be the Daily Mail’s new target. Lo and behold, the campaign begins! It’s taken [...]

These ants are anti-insecticide.

Real ants, real placards and no post-production or visual effects – these ants are protesting against Baygon, who produce a shitload of products deadly to ants and their beastie brethren.

Scots Dictionary

Clegg: [kl?g, gl?g, gl?d]n. The gadfly, horsefly. Also known as Nick. Definition: A blood-sucking beastie that leaves an extremely painful bite. Considered as pests for the bites that many inflict, they are among the world’s largest true flies. Found largely in the Highlands, northern and rural Scotland. Though they emerge only during warm weather and [...]

Dogs vs Cops

Following on from Leftfield’s exclusive coverage of Kellanos the riot dog’s role in leading the anti-capitalist movement on the streets of Greece, here’s a group of politicised dogs from Chattanooga, USA, who are more than prepared to take militant direct action against the presence of police in their communities.

long live comrade kellanos the riot dog

Leftfield salutes the efforts of Comrade Kellanos and the street dogs of Athens in their valiant struggle to bring about a fairer world for all creatures, two-legged and four-legged alike, and thinks the dogs of Scotland could learn much from their waggy-tailed comrades of Greece. Canines of the world unite! You have nothing to lose [...]

Duck murdering bastards on trial

Warning: This post contains some upsetting stuff about dead ducks. The above video is one of several shot by William Todd Powell, a senior biologist working for the Province of Alberta in Canada. It shows a duck struggling to escape from a tailings pond, where oil company Syncrude dumped the toxic leftovers of its operation [...]