Tunisia at a crossroads

Few could have predicted how rapidly events would unfold in Tunisia over the past few days. A repressive dictatorship, with any public display of dissent rare and fear of the police widespread, the country has been rocked by mass protests over the past month, as we reported last week. Initially an uprising of urban youth over [...]

North Africa in Revolt

An explosion of popular protest has broken out in North Africa over the past few weeks, with anti-government demonstrations and riots continuing in both Tunisia and Algeria. Localised unrest first began in Tunisia in mid-December, sparked by the attempted suicide of 26-year old graduate Mohamed Bouazizi, who set himself alight outside a government building in protest [...]

Striking at the World Cup

Leftfield has already reported how the World Cup, far from being an economic benefit to South Africa, has in fact been a license for FIFA and international capitalism to loot the country. Now it looks as if the full force of the law might be used to keep the electricity supply to fans’ TVs running, [...]

Congo: 50 years of independence, centuries of oppression

Yesterday marked the celebration of 50 years of independence for the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 1960, Congo was finally able to free itself from one of the most brutal regimes in all of colonial Africa: Belgian control. Of all the European colonial powers, the Belgians were notorious as the worst for their ruthless exploitation [...]

The Capes of Rath

By Calum Nelson, MPharm In South Africa there’s a popular comedian called Matthias Rath. Here’s one of his jokes: “Patient: Doctor Doctor, I’m worried about transmitting HIV to my unborn baby. Doctor: Don’t worry, just have some potatoes. Whatever you do, don’t take any poisonous anti-viral medicine which will actually cause AIDS.” It’s a screamer [...]

The great World Cup rip-off

Today sees the launch of the 2010 football world cup in South Africa. It’s great news for football fans, and we’re playing our part with a world cup raffle (comment if you’d like to get a ticket!) and South Africa night for the final (watch this space for details.) But great as it might be [...]

Fookn nasty South African racist killed.

SSY has a long and proud record of celebrating when fascists die in embarrassing and or unfortunate circumstances. Whether it’s the sad loss of BNP founder John Tyndall (we coincidentally had a BBQ the day he popped his clogs – remember Tyndall burgers?), homophobic Austrian Fuhrer Jorg Haider who killed himself in a car crash [...]

World outraged at claims Saint Bob didn't solve all Africa's problems

The world has watched in horror as the outrageously corrupt BBC and Channel 4 has attempted to make the ludicrous claim that there are still problems in Africa. Sensible people everywhere know that Africa is now a paradise thanks to the efforts of their saviour, multi-millionaire Saint Sir Bob Geldof the Wonderful. Sir Bob has [...]

Zuma mania!

Jacob Zuma, the President of South Africa, has been in the UK meeting the Queen and causing a stir. The Daily Mail has whipped itself into a frenzy, calling Zuma a “vile buffoon” and a “sex-obsessed bigot”, as well as repeatedly calling him “Zulu Boy”. The Telegraph is appalled that he has been invited after  [...]