The US debt crisis, the Tea Party and George Bush on steroids.

Talk of deficits, massive debt and brutal public spending cuts are pretty much in the British news 24/7 these days, so if you’ve noticed the recent debt crisis in the USA you’ll have noticed some of the same terms being thrown about, but if you paid close attention you might have noticed that unlike the [...]

Tory Councillor sets new world landspeed record for bullshitting

As Britain recovers from the riots, it’s facing the second blow of having to cope with lots of people’s “explanations” for the mass looting. Some of it’s ridiculous – blaming Blackberry Messenger for the chaos – and some of it’s a bit more sinister, like David Starkey blaming black culture for the riots. Unfortunately Starkey [...]

All hail our new Met overlords!

Regular readers of this site may have noticed occasional negative references to the police – in particular strathy polis and it’s benevolent Brother Guide leader Nelson Telfer. Due to recent changes in policing and what constitutes “a joke on the internet” we will be making changes to our editorial policy. This is in specific reference [...]

This is Britain, and everything's alright. It's FINE.

All conflict dies in the brotherhood of flags After last weeks multiple days of consecutive rioting, there’s a chance now for some calm, measured discussion on the upheaval that saw the capital and several English cities burn, high streets looted and alleged gangster Mark Duggan shot dead – with three others killed defending their property. [...]


It’s all gone spectacularly Pete Tong. The Murdoch’s have pulled the plug on the News of the World, the biggest selling English language paper. The Notw staff want to “lynch Rebekah Brooks”, 200 NotW journalists face the sack and Sun subeditors have gone on strike to support them. Oh, and Andy Coulson is getting arrested [...]

Squeaky bum time for News of The World.

Everyone knows tabloid newspapers are not angels – to a large extent it’s why people buy them, an acceptance that their underhand tactics expose the affairs, drug habits and scandals of the rich and famous. Despite this grudging acceptance of tasteless methods to satisfy a desire for gossip, there’s always been a trend of opinion [...]

Bin Laden's death and the Al Qaeda myth.

He was the Salafist Jihadist Terrorist Princess Queen of Hearts. We’ve spent almost 10 years growing up in his Bond-villain like shadow, but after nearly a decade of hiding from US intelligence they finally got round to finding the best hide and seek champion in the Islamic world – Osama Bin Laden is dead. Watching [...]

You can shove your Royal Wedding up your arse

The big day is closing up on us, with all the inevitability of a death sentence/England World Cup attempt and all the dread and misery that surrounds the two. David Cameron’s already been using the Royal Wedding as a stick to beat “politically correct” health and safety mad councils, declaring that people should be free [...]

Support the uprising in Libya – no to Gaddafi and no to NATO airstrikes.

The frontpages of the Sunday papers could have been taken from a Chris Morris sketch – IT’S WAR, TOP GUNS 1 – MAD DOG 0, and HUGE STRIKE ON GADDAFI (where they also reveal the shock news that a black person has been on Midsomer Murders). After years of feeling a bit dodgy and awkward [...]

Japan – natural and unnatural disasters.

Japan has been hit by the worst earthquake in it’s history. It’s the 6th most powerful quake in the entire world since records began in 1900. Just looking at the scenes coming from the disaster – particularly the before and after shots – and it’s clear that despite being a first-world country the deathtoll will [...]