Right to the City Education Forum

Tomorrow SSY members will be among the folk going along to the Right to the City discussion forum on education. Right to the City is a political group that is based on ideas put forward by the Marxist anthropologist David Harvey (he’s the guy in that cool cartoon about the economic crisis). The idea is [...]

Angry mob storm RBS

A two hour occupation of Royal Bank of Scotland offices in central Glasgow took place earlier today, in protest at fatcat bankers taking billions in bonuses while the rest of us suffer the cuts and austerity of the economic crisis they caused. Around twenty people – including climate change activists, students, 80 year old pensioners, [...]

No Room at the Inn for Homos

Regular news readers may be overcome with a sense of gay ja vu yesterday at the news that yet another “member of the hospitality community” thinks that the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007 which outlaws discrimination against gay people doesn’t apply the them. Homophobic hoteliers Peter and Hazelmary Bull, owners of the Chymorvah Hotel, [...]

Evil strikers plan to ruin Royal Sweethearts national wedding!!111!!

Every now and again, the British tabloid press manages to excel itself with a story so bonkers, so artificial, and contrived it threatens to put the Daily Mash writing team out of business. Previous winners of this award go to “Radioactive Paedo on the run”, followed by “Asylum Seekers eat royal swans” and finally “Grand [...]

Tunisia at a crossroads

Few could have predicted how rapidly events would unfold in Tunisia over the past few days. A repressive dictatorship, with any public display of dissent rare and fear of the police widespread, the country has been rocked by mass protests over the past month, as we reported last week. Initially an uprising of urban youth over [...]

Romanian witches protest new tax laws.

There’ve been a few news articles recently about new tax laws in Romania, intended as lighthearted LOLs with headlines like Romanian witches to cast anti-government spell. Much of the news coverage has consisted of chuckling at the idea of witches protesting with curses and spells, and aren’t those silly old superstitious women even stupider than [...]

These trees are not for sale.

Big Ben was burned to the ground last week by protesters angry about the coalition government’s plans to sell off all of England’s publicly owned woodland. Unfortunately, it was just a model – this time, at least. The government proposes to sell all of the Forestry Commission owned land in England. That’s 650,000 acres of [...]

Basque movement confirms peaceful stance

? Representatives of ETA, the armed wing of the Basque independence movement, yesterday issued a permanent ceasefire annoucement. This represents a clear message, calling an end to the movement’s decades-long armed struggle. Today’s pledge follows on from September’s commitment to pursuing independence through non-violent means, as blogged about by Jack. Incredibly, the response of the [...]

New Research: Tories Have More "Primitive" Brains

Are Dave’s crap politics due to his primitive brain? It sounds like a reverse case of Social Darwinism, but this recent study at University College London has produced findings which have seriously pissed off right-wingers. The research, which scanned the brains of students of different political persuasions at UCL found a striking and surprising correlation: that people who affiliate themselves with Tory [...]

North Africa in Revolt

An explosion of popular protest has broken out in North Africa over the past few weeks, with anti-government demonstrations and riots continuing in both Tunisia and Algeria. Localised unrest first began in Tunisia in mid-December, sparked by the attempted suicide of 26-year old graduate Mohamed Bouazizi, who set himself alight outside a government building in protest [...]