Like radical music and song? Get yer arse to Aberdeen!

“Part call to action, part show, part club night”

An extremly cool, radical cultural and political event is taking place in Aberdeen this Wednesday night with the involvement of SSP/SSY members that is worth letting you all know about!

Aberdeen SSP will be present at a radical cultural event this Wednesday 29th September in the Tunnels, Carnegie Brae. The event is called Suffragette City, and brings together radical and activist groups from around Aberdeen. Along with the Scottish Socialist Party, groups present include the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), Tripping up Trump, and the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. Each group will have a stall with their materials and will have a chance to get across their views on the issues that concern them. Along with being a chance for various groups of the left to meet with each other and share ideas and experiences, it will also be a chance for particularly young Aberdonians and students to meet the political and activist groups in their area and talk to them about their politics.

The other aspect of the evening is radical and anti-establishment entertainment. This includes a range of live acts and a clubnight, with full details  from the event’s facebook page. One of these acts is a political folk set from our General Election, candidate Ewan Robertson (i.e. myself) and a special guest! (the guest being my dad, also an SSP member, with his bagpipes…) For anyone who thinks they can make it, the event starts at 8pm, and entry is free.

I would urge anyone who is looking for a fun night of radical music combined with meeting many of the left activist groups in Aberdeen and having a chance to find out more about their politics, to come along this Wednesday and take part in both the show and the call to action!


  1. syebot says:

    I’m really looking forward to this – anyone who can come out, should come out!

    There’s also an anti-cuts demo at 12.30 at Union Terrace Gardens. I’m hoping to be out there for a wee while, handing out leaflets and spreading the word about the SSP presence in Aberdeen. Would be great to have people there to help me, too, as I’ll only be able to be there for about 40 mins – i’m technically supposed to be working that day!

  2. Plot tracer says:

    Who does yer graphics? I would like a wee course in creating graphics (like the cracking poster in the middle of the SSY Uni Voice and the Suffragette City graphic, above)

    Keep up the amazing work!!


  3. CelticEwan says:

    The Suffragette City graphics were not done by us, but by the DJ who is playing a ‘revolution’ themed club set for the clubnight (I’m as curious as anyone else about what that will be like)!, but I also want to improve my graphics skills, I’m beginning to forget how to use photoshop!

    Also, thanks to whoever edited my post to put the links in properly!

  4. Alan G says:

    The graphic is a reimage of Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix

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