English youth face torture in private prisons

After a five year battle, campaigners in England have managed to uncover a shocking manual demonstrating that serious physical abuse of vulnerable young people is officially sanctioned in privately run detention centres for young people. Secure Training Centres (STCs) are units designed to house young (17 and under) offenders who have been sentenced to custody [...]

The Choc Doctrine

It’s a news story that you might’ve missed, but on Friday, someone bought all the cocoa. All of it. At least in Europe anyway: a chocotastic total of 241,000 tonnes of cocoa beans, something which sent er, ripples of chock through the galaxy, in a move that some are already dubbing the ‘credit crunchie’, honest. [...]

Pride Not Profit

Yesterday saw the biannual Glasgow LGBT Pride march in the city. Held in cities all over the world every summer, Pride marches are traditionally an assertion of LGBT rights and a celebration of LGBT culture. The marches themselves have their origins as annual commemorations of the Stonewall Riots, a series of demonstrations against police oppression [...]

Homophobes who are actually gay

Have you ever wondered what motivates people who are rampant homophobes? What lies behind the desperate attempts of some people to prove their heterosexuality by denying freedom to others based on their sexual orientation? It’s actually supported by scientific evidence that a major cause of homophobia is the desire to repress unacknowledged or unwanted homosexual [...]

"Have a bike round the head ya cunt…"

Nationalist youth hate the polis more than they love their bikes If you’ve seen News 24 over the past few days, you’ve probably noticed that something strange is afoot in Belfast: everyone’s been infected with the rage virus and started fighting with da cops, employing such deadly weapons as planks, slabs and bikes (decommissioning has [...]

Buju Banton comes out of the closet

Not really, but who needs to tell the truth when you can make funny videos! Buju Banton is one of the biggest names in dancehall music. He’s been making records for over 20 years, some of his undeniably great music has made him one of the biggest stars in Jamaica, and regarded by many as [...]

Step right off it: GCC continue evil plans to ruin Glasgow city centre

It’s well established that Glasgow City Council’s grand ambitions for the city centre amount to turning it into one massive hell hole of exclusive boutiques, vacuous, identikit shopping malls and trendy wine bars. This is generally billed as ‘regeneration’, and we’re going to see an onslaught of it in the run up to the Commonwealth [...]

Catalans march against Spanish State ruling

Below we feature a guest post by Meritxell Ramírez Ollé, a student at the University of Edinburgh, co-creator of a new online local newspaper (Vacarisses Digital) in her hometown of Vacarisses, Catalonia, and a supporter of Catalan independence. On Saturday, over a million people marched through the streets of the Catalan capital of Barcelona, led [...]

Would you rather be hung or shot?

Hey Kids! Guess how cool and funky the ConDem government can be?! They’re going to ask YOU on Facebook about what you think should get cut from our public services! Neat, huh? Do you often think about how your local leisure centre is a waste of money? How about all those lazy disabled people that [...]

EXCLUSIVE: Paul the Psychic Octopus predicts the fate of humanity

In the world of psychic powers, few tests come bigger than predicting the fate of humanity itself. With Paul the Psychic Octopus making headlines around the world right now for his incredible ability to correctly predict the winner in all of Germany’s World Cup games so far, SSY got in touch with Paul for what [...]