Legalise Cannabis '10 hits the west end

If you want to free the weed clap your hands.. CLAP CLAP.

Yesterday saw the SSY organised Legalise Cannabis – End the War on Drugs demo take to the streets of the west end of Glasgow, with between 300-350 mostly young people turning out for the biggest march of its kind Scotland has seen for a number of years.

The demo left University Avenue in the west end of the city at around 1pm with a small police escort, before marching via Byres Road and Dumbarton Road to Kelvingrove Park. Indeed, the marchers then proceeded to er, legalise cannabis, with the police adopting a very welcome non-interference approach to anyone lighting up in the park!

Across the world, the tide is beginning to turn against blanket drugs prohibition. An ever increasing number of countries are opting to decriminalise possession and start treating drugs as a social and health issue, rather than a criminal one, with harm reduction at the fore. This couldn’t be further from the truth in the UK, however. None of the big four parties are willing to go anywhere near a policy of relaxing our backwards drugs laws – displayed all too recently in the rush to ban mephedrone, or m-cat, flying against the advice of top scientists and even the government’s own drugs advisory board, several of whom resigned in protest, but happily going along with the agenda of right-wing tabloids.

This is why we felt it especially important to take the message to the streets again this summer that there is a real alternative to the madness of drugs prohibition – to legalise, regulate and control drug use, rather than pushing the whole industry underground and into the arms global crime syndicates.

Saturday’s demo got a great reception from passers-by – afternoon shoppers on Byres Road applauded the march as it passed, while groups of young people charged over the street to join it as it went by. The fact is, most people know that cannabis is not a dangerous drug, and if the reception SSY have got on the streets over the past few weeks is anything to by, most people know it should legalised too.

For as long as the UK government continues on their ridiculous and, ultimately, flawed approach of criminalising young people who smoke the occasional joint, forcing heroin addicts into a life of crime and prostitution, and wasting vast amounts of police time and resources on a pointless “war on drugs” that fuels conflict across the world, SSY will continue to campaign for sweeping reform to the drugs laws. See youse all next year.

M-CAT NOT FAT CATS! The march sets off from Uni Avenue

When I say LEGALISE, you say.. CANNABIS!

The PA system that totally worked the whole time and that there was absolutely no problems with. Uhuh


  1. Andy Bowden says:

    Here’s a pretty good video from the day

  2. Can stoners make revolution?

  3. Squeak says:

    Yer face

  4. Lydia says:

    is what you lack.

  5. Why dont you start a headshop?

  6. liam says:

    yo guys in the 2011 i think at least all the cannabis smokers in glasgow should go to the march in 2011 make it the biggest turn up ever due to small numbers they are not going to listen to us we gotta be loud and proud dont to somewere were no one hears you get outside the goverment buildings right outside city chambers you will make prob the best impact there good luck and keep up the great work. free the weed

  7. G'bo says:

    When is the 2011 march going to take place?

  8. Paige says:

    Yeah can u please let us know when the next march will be? I’ve got bout 20 friends that want to free the weed :) was in Amsterdam last week and have decided that if there’s no chance o it gettin legalised here then I’m movin :p free the weed :)

  9. Paige says:

    Yeah when is the next free the weed march? Iv got bout 20 ppl that r defo up 4 it :) let me know plz I don’t want to miss it! Free the weed :) peace x

  10. Squeak says:

    Hi Paige, don’t have a date yet but I’ve started to organise it. I’ll post here when I’ve got a date set; need to talk to the council about the route.

  11. Paige says:

    Cool beans :)

  12. St0ner. says:

    Any news on the date yet?

  13. Paige says:

    Do you have a date yet? It said 23rd June on your events calendar :-s

  14. Liam says:

    Hey, unfortunately it doesn’t look like we will have be having a drugs prohibition demo this year.

  15. Paige says:

    Why not?

  16. Meghan says:

    Paige – I’m not sure why we’re not having a drugs prohibition demo, but I think we’re all perfectly OK and happy for someone else to organise one. I suspect that part of the reason we’re not organising one is that many of our key people are occupied organising other stuff, or are occupied with other things in their lives, or are not in Glasgow, or deserve a bit of a break from all the hefty organising they’ve been doing this year. if you and 20 friends are up for it then that seems like a ready-made organising team right there…

  17. Liam says:

    ^pretty much what Meghan said

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