Nick Clegg's cowardly retreat from Glasgow

Some of the protesters.

Nick Clegg was tonight hounded out of Glasgow by angry local socialists.

When SSY members in Maryhill heard that Nick Clegg was in our local community centre, we roared into action to try and ask him a few questions about his policies.

The entrances to the community centre were surrounded by cops and Nick Clegg’s personal body guards, and as soon as they caught a whiff of us walkietalkies were buzzing, as they planned his escape from the terrifying sight of people who don’t agree with him.

Despite only finding out about the Lib Dem Love In with half an hour to spare, we rounded up local activists to make our point… in contrast to the Lib Dems, who had clearly bussed in activists from across the country – and across the border!

Before Clegg was scheduled to leave the building, a flood of Liberal Democrat supporters crowded around us with placards in an attempt to stop Clegg or the press from seeing anyone question the Lib Dems, and Clegg’s messiah complex.

Lib Dems attempted to obscure our placards – when they failed, many of them attempted to forcibly remove our placards from us and were aggressive in attempts to hide them from view.

Clegg was ushered into a shiny James Bond car and didn’t bother to address our concerns, only giving us and our placards a disdainful look. I suppose he only cares about what local people think if they’re thinking that they’d like to kiss his arse. He was no doubt terrified of the massed placard waving hordes of Maryhill SSY.

When his car had sped off, we were surrounded by Lib Dem activists who didn’t seem to know their own policies as well as we did. None of them Lib Dems we spoke to knew that their party…

- wanted to stop public sector workers from being able to strike

- are in favour of Britain having weapons of mass destruction

- opposed the introduction of a national minimum wage, and wanted the minimum wage to be lower in poor regions

Liberals flee from the socialist advance on the Woodside Halls, now renamed Ho Chi Minh Halls

- want to impose savage cuts

- support fascists in Thailand, through their membership of the Liberal International

and that Nick Clegg is a great admirer of Margaret Thatcher!

Err… maybe you should research your party before you join it?

It’s great that so many people are looking to the Lib Dem for a left-wing alternative to the Tories or New Labour – but they’re looking in the wrong place.


  1. Andrew McPake says:

    Well done guys!

  2. Lydia says:

    Hell yeah. I totally wish i could have gotten there. Imagine those fannies trying to cover your placards up/take them off you. Should have set them all on fire.

    Fuck clegg. EGG CLEGG I SAY.

  3. liam t says:

    nick’s too cool to travel in the big yellow bus, he gets a chauffeur driven Jag.
    also, THIS:

  4. liam t says:

    fuck, why didn’t we egg clegg? night in the cells but it would’ve been a GIFT for tabloid headline writers.

  5. scott k says:


  6. scott k says:

    fantastic guys

  7. Jack says:

    Considering we literally had half hour’s notice I think we did amazingly well. Let’s also not forget that the Lib Dems arguing with us had nothing to say about their support for the imperialist slaughter in Afghanistan.

    The wee guys we met back on the way back up to the flat (pic at the bottom) wanted to get a sign (we let them have one), and their picture to get on the site. If you (or your folks) are reading this, and change your mind about being happy to be on here, let us know in a comment and we’ll take it down.

  8. Auld Yin says:

    Order of Lenin all round, fantastic.

  9. left hook says:

    I thought the behaviour of some of the Lib Dems tonight was appalling – they went out of their way in their attempts to be intimidating and aggressive towards us.

    Also, MEGALOL at the weird old guy who suggested that we “learn to use a Google”.

  10. Liam M says:

    For future reference, getting in a shove fight with security = media coverage.

  11. Squeak says:

    Scrambled Clegg

  12. Nick (not clegg) says:

    ‘mon the young team

  13. BILLY says:


  14. leo thomson says:

    VIVAN LOS TRABAJADORES [long live the workers] you are the future keep up the good work we have nothing to lose but our chains]HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE VENCEREMOS

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