Israeli Defense Force: murderous pirates

Israeli state terrorists on board the boat

At 4am this morning, armed commandos from the Israeli army (IDF) stormed a convoy of boats owned by the Viva Palestina aid organisation, killing at least 19 and injuring at least 50. The boats were in international waters, 90 miles away from the intended destination of Gaza, and contained activists that hoped to deliver aid to desperate Palestinians, forced out of their homes and into dire situations by the aggressive Israeli state. Attacking boats in international waters is not within the legal power of the IDF, and as a result has drawn criticism from even those who would normally defend Israel’s right to murder on solid land, although of course anyone should know better than to expect unbiased reporting from major news sources where Israel is concerned.

Today (Monday 31st) there will be several demonstrations against Israeli state terrorism in towns and cities all over Scotland. So far demonstrations at 5pm have been announced in:

Edinburgh - Assemble 5pm at the Foot of the Mound, Princes Street (07958002591)

Glasgow - Assemble 5pm at George Square (07870701011)

Dundee - Assemble 5pm at City Square (07941751452)

Aberdeen - Assemble 5pm at St Nicholas Square (07980253337)

Moffat - Assemble 5pm at 2 Holm Street (07786508715)

Inverness - Assemble 5pm at the Townhouse (07881527062)

Banff - Assemble 5pm at Low Street, Council Buildings

Stirling - Assemble 5pm at Foot of King Street

If you condemn the murder of peaceful activists trying to deliver aid into Gaza, please take some time to come along and show our government that we don’t support Israel’s aggressive actions and continued oppression of Palestinian people.

You can keep up with new protests in other towns being announced here. There will also be a national demonstration this Saturday, 5th June, in Edinburgh at 2pm – again assembling at the foot of the Mound.

Apparently under the NATO charter the attack on a NATO flagged ship in international waters puts all of NATO in a state of war with Israel. Somehow we doubt this will result in severe repercussions for Israel, who have the support of the most powerful Western governments, but we’ll be watching intently to see how many people now begin to realise that Israel officially went ‘too far’ quite a long time ago. Viva Palestina!

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  1. James N says:

    I was at the Glasgow demo and you could sense the despair and sense of loss, but also huge anger. The Israeli state just cannot be allowed to get away with this. Their actions today were criminal, in a moral sense as well as by international law. All human beings with an ounce of compassion must condemn these heinous acts. The idf are trying to terrorise international activists into thinking twice about making solidarity with the Palestinians. Unfortunately for them, actions such as this will just make us more determined to break the seige on gaza and win freedom for Palestine.

    Get on the demo in Edinburgh this Saturday. Bring friends, banners, musical instruments. Tell the British government they cannot continue their unconditional alliance with this rogue regime.

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