Hundreds March for Asylum Rights

Hundreds of local residents and people from across Glasgow marched through the city earlier today in memory of Red Road flat residents the Serykh family, who were driven to suicide last weekend reportedly following the failure of their asylum application.
The demonstration gathered at the Red Road flats, one of the main areas in which Asylum families are ‘dispersed’ in the city, and marched on a route to the city centre, before a rally just off George Square. The march was noisy (with a samba band!) and got a really good reception from passers-by, especially when we reached the city centre and held a brief sit-down protest outside the City Chambers. Despite the overhanging sadness of last weekend’s events, the march had a celebratory atmosphere – of hundreds of people coming together to show Glasgow’s true face as a welcoming city that opens its doors to refugees and asylum seekers, and refuses to be taken in by the lies of the mainstream media and politicians who try to use those seeking sanctuary in our country as scapegoats for the problems of the system.
You can read more from Leftfield about the asylum system and the Red Road flats here.

SSP PUBLIC MEETING: end the government’s terror against asylum seekers! for decent housing, jobs and incomes for ALL!
Wednesday 17 March, 7.30pm. Church Hall, Quarrywood Avenue, Barmulloch.
With speakers Kevin McVey (SSP candidate in Glasgow North East) & Waheed Totakhyl (Scottish Afghan Society).

the marchers pours into george square

no borders, no nations, stop deportations!


  1. MacPherson says:

    You guys are complete jokes. Stop deportations? So what should the authorities do when they come across an illegal immigrant in Scotland who should not legally be living in our lands, or even a legal immigrant who has broken his conditions on living in this country?

    You guys are living in a fairy world. No wonder you loonie’s come dead last in the election.

  2. Jack says:

    So just because something is the law makes it automatically right in your eyes?

    I believe that we should stop deportations because our country has more than enough space and resources to open our borders to people fleeing persecution and poverty. You’ve provided no actual reason or evidence why the demand to stop deportations is “living in a fairy world.”

    Why should someone who has made their home here, and often has kids who were born here, be forced out on the whims of the UK border agency, staffed by a lot of folk who are racist?

  3. Sarah says:

    MacPherson, stop stealing Jonathan’s name you racist cunt.

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